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The restaurant scene is pretty competitive in Bend, and we’ve got strong culinary talent. Here are some of the best options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, night life, and more.

The Source Weekly – full listings and reviews

Bend Bulletin – restaurant reviews

don't judge a place by its rating
“Great #1 Five Star A+!” -mikeisrad
“They pood in my food” -debbiesmith

The ‘independent’ reviews and stars on the following sites should be considered complete horse shit  or at best, widely varying personal experiences. These review sites have excellent usability however, with easy to navigate directories, maps, apps, and are outstanding tools to document your own food adventures.

Yelp Bend – It’s like middle school reccess…hype and drama and bullies and all.

UrbanSpoon – A bit more sleek and civilized interface, same old popularity contests.

TripAdvisor – Catering more to visitor and tourist, also features a simple and sexy map!

Maybe should have shared this first? Here’s all area restaurants health inspections, including past histories and very detailed reports on how gross their kitchens are.


Beer’s the big hoopla. We’ve got good water and a lot of breweries doing new and creative things. You should visit all the breweries, whether local or visitor. That means pickup an Ale Trail Map AtlasBeer me Bend is a blog and overall good resource for festivals and other beer activities. The Brew Site is also active and well-maintained.

RateBeer or various apps like untappd are helpful for navigating the beerscape and documenting your fun travels.

We also have cideries (atlas, far afield, red tank), and several wineries and distilleries.