Snapshot of Bend Crime

Bend and the surrounding clumps of civilization have a population upwards of 160k. Crime is low overall – with thefts far outpacing violent. DUI arrests are several weekly – and speed traps are abound, especially during holidays and rush hours. Cannabis is tolerated with discretion, beer and liquor is prolific. Hard drugs are arrestable and…seriously, if you must steal for a next fix, please instead seek help for addiction.

People are overwhelmingly nice. Locals have diverse and often colorful opinions on transients and tourists, but personal interactions are always cordial. Despite the reputation for ski bums, yuppies, and waspy retirement resorts, at Bend’s core are truly good folk, over 31,900 hard working families – living in a mountain paradise. Many are below or one paycheck from the line, truly poverty with a view.

Law and Government Resources:

Emergency: 911   Social Services: 211

For a mountain resort town, it has a sizable municipal police force. Bend is your typical American Police State®, as follows:

Regional assets include modern mobile command vehicles, paramilitary drug (C.O.D.E) and SWAT teams (w/snipers, APC vehicles and all the trimmings), helicopter capabilities, several well-honored K-9s, in-car internet and data, body cameras, well-funded detective and  analytic teams, reliable interagency communication and protocols including county and city-wide encrypted (trunking) body and in-car radio.

There are several DPSST private security and and rent-a-cop companies, as well as college fuzz. Agencies such as ODFW, DEQ, and assorted state services also have offices in Bend.

Bend has a municipal court as well as a county circuit court, Oregon’s 11th Judicial District.

Various federal agencies also operate out of Bend, including law enforcement units, administrative and fleet services. These include the US Forest Service Bend-Ft.Rock Ranger districts, the Bureau of Land Management, State Department, USFWS, and a lovely FBI field office.

Bend has a National Guard Armory near the Deschutes River off Colorado Ave. It serves as the unit headquarters for 1st Squadron, 82nd Calvary, and Company D, 141st Brigade Support Battalion. The armory contains assorted materiel, small arms and light vehicles including humvees, supply and utility vehicles. It is an actively staffed installation, hosting community events and ceremonies occasionally.

 Crime Statistics

Bend Police (though a vendor) provides an amazing crime tracking tool. This system is active in hundreds of cities, we are lucky to have this valuable resource.

Recommendations: For best view, Under ‘Event’ choose All, and increase ‘date range’ to 1 month or more, for a fuller snapshot.

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