About Recreational Usage

Starting July 1, 2015 the successful Mecanna artasure 91 legalizes recreational possession, cultivation, and use within the State of Oregon.

Enjoy cannabis responsibly and in moderation. If your first time, take caution with edibles, oils, waxes and shatter – eat or vaporize only a small amount and wait a few hours.

Yes, it’s safer than aspirin. It’s less addictive by several magnitudes to alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and countless pharmaceuticals. If you were ever curious or have for years been gripped by reefer madness, now is your chance to try this organic ancient herb without paranoia or trepidation.

Oregon state recreational usage guidelines here. In summary, adults over 21 can use it privately, be modest, not open view or public. It’s legal to possess and grow, and give for free.

On October 1, 2015, existing medical dispensaries can legally sell cannabis for recreational usage, sales begin midnight Wed.

Dedicated recreational-only stores will not be operational and permitted until 2016.

Source Weekly’s guide


Medical Clinics/Dispensaries

As of Oct 1 2015 most below will begin selling to any adult 21+ (recreational sales)

5th LMNT North, across from Cascade Village Mall

Good Leaf Organic Collective – Empire Ave biz park

The Herb Center – N. Division Ave

BloomWell – corner N. Division and Revere

Oregrown – Wall St. north of downtown

Medication Station – Hill Street, downtown

Tokyo Starfish – Arizona Ave near Old Mill

Top Shelf – 8th and Greenwood Ave/hwy20

Dr. Jollys  – 3rd St near Wilson Ave

High Grade Organics – Davis Ave/2nd st

Garden Kings – Franklin Ave near 3rd st

Cannabend – hwy 20 North, Bend River Mall

Oregon Euphorics – Century Drive and Simpson Ave

Cannacopia – 3rd St near Reed Market

Diamond Tree – 2 locations; east hwy20/27th st; west Galveston

…more soon.