Gardening, Landscaping and Indoors


Eastside Gardens (where great things grow)

Wintercreek Nursery – All local native/heirloom high desert plants, rarities and knowledgeable staff

Moonfire and Sun (couple blocks down from Eastside)

Galveston Gardens

GreenLeaf Indoor Garden Center

BIGS Bend Indoor Garden Station

Arbor Surveys Tree Consulting

BendSolarium – house plant care and vacation plantsitting, classes

Plus the usual garden centers: (Costco, Wilco Farm Store, Bi-Mart, Fred Meyers, LowesDepot, etc)


Big Ass Boulders and Slabs

Empire Stone Co.  Slabs, flagstone pavers, and other rocky goodness


 Dirt and Compost

Deschutes Recycling – local, cheap, municipal composts and mulches



Central Oregon/OSU Extention

Xeriscaping in the High Desert – great 20 page color guide to low-water and native plants

Area Resources

County and Regional

Deschutes County – website and specific services

City of Bend – website, calendar, laws, resources

Deschutes County Search & Rescue nationally recognized search and rescue program

St. Charles Medical Campus

(See Law and Crime page for more!)


Cascade Volcanic Report -USGS

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network’s Earthquake Map

earthquake map - bend oregon


Oregon (US) Drought Map and archive


School District, Bend-Lapine K-12

COCC – Central Oregon Community College







Winterfest 15

WinterFest-Logo-20151-300x192The Bend Winterfest (correction – it’s now the “Oregon Winterfest”), has dropped most of the Winter from their event this year due to meteorological circumstances.

They’re tacking on extra live music to replace the board ramp and other ‘snowy’ activities. They still want a few bucks ($6-8) for admission and typical $5-6 for beer pints, but should be good whoesome fun event regardless.

Due to the lack of snow available, the event’s ski and snowboard competition, The Playground Games, has been cancelled. In year’s past, it has taken 55 truckloads of snow from Mt. Bachelor to build the competition base, about 495 yards of snow. With area snow pack at a fraction of normal and a moderate amount of new snow in the forecast for the mountains, event producers say it is not possible to responsibly carry out the competition.

Replacing the ski and snowboard competition, Lay It Out Events has added two evening performances of Metal Mulisha. Lay It Out Events has also added to the music lineup for the weekend, bringing on Woebegone to open for March Fourth Marching Band on Friday night and The Autonomics to open for Filter on Saturday night.




Homeowners and Renters

Info and resources

Got a house? The tax man cometh (Deschutes County tax assessor)

Bend utility pay (water, sewer, salad bar)

 Neighborhood Associations

bend neighborhood map

  • Awbrey Butte – northwest Bend – estsablished December 7, 2005
  • Boyd Acres – northeast Bend – established July 16, 2003
  • Century West – Century Drive area – established July 20, 2005
  • Larkspur – southeast Bend – established January 19, 2005
  • Mountain View– northeast Bend – established February 19, 2003
  • Old Bend – south central Bend business core – established October 16, 2002
  • Old Farm District – southeast Bend – established June 18, 2003
  • Orchard District – east of the Bend Parkway, east central Bend – established June 5, 2002
  • River West – Bend’s west side, along the Deschutes River – established April 17, 2002
  • Southeast Bend – east of Hwy 97, Bend’s southern-most portion – established August 16, 2006
  • Southern Crossing – spanning the Deschutes River – established February 19, 2003
  • Southwest Bend – east of the Deschutes River, southwest Bend – established December 5, 2001
  • Summit West – western portion of Bend – established June 20, 2007


Pacific Power or Central Oregon Co-Op


BendBroadband – the ‘local’ broadband and ppv cable cartel – fully owned subsidiary from Illinois. Datacaps, promo pricings, pathetic bundles, no active gigabit or infrastructure expansion plans; a profit-driven company. In summary – they can provide a reliable 50mb/s+ connection, but for a price.

Smaller and piggyback providers: CenturyLinkYellowknife, BendTel, Webformix and others will always be around as options, but speed and reliability will never be close to what fiber delivers.

Nowadays mobile providers like Verizon offer fairly good (if not expensive) high speed 4gLTE wireless service. Bend also has decent coverage with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Looking for a place?

Buying? Aggregation sites like the partner Zillow or Trulia sites make browsing easy. Talk to a local Realtor before you’re getting serious, good ones really know their stuff

For rentals, Craigslist is reliable with some modern common sense. Do your research, don’t give personal info to unknown persons, and good luck. There’s a few independent classifieds and property management companies as well (more coming soon…)


Keeping Bend Classy – Part 1

Part 1 of our selection of horribly maintained properties.

These are private and public spaces within the city of Bend that have been significantly vandalized or otherwise especially neglected. Properties of this sort affect neighbors and the community at large and often go hand-in-hand with crime:

Showing off these cases of property neglect in all their glory can help bring attention and remedy to the issue (a bit of public shaming).